Disappointing PMI Customer Service

Disappointing PMI Customer Service

Last month, I needed to get some information from PMI about OPM3 (Organizational Project Management Maturity Model). I wasn’t satisfied with what was published on their website so I composed an email and sent it off. I received a confirmation email stating “Thank you for contacting the Project Management Institute. Thank you for contacting the PMI Global Operations Center in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA. A Customer Care Associate will review your request and contact you within three (3) business days.” I was even provided a ticket number.

So, I waited 3 days. …and waited. …and waited.

Disgruntled and disappointed, I called them.  I was routed to “general” customer service.  After looking up my PMI membership number, the service representative couldn’t answers my questions so she routed me to the desk of the person in charge of OPM3.  I left a voicemail about having questions about OPM3 and left my contact information multiple times.

And now I wait some more.

I’m coming up on 2 weeks and nobody has contacted me.  I feel like PMI is more interested in collecting membership dues and selling products then serving those who have obtained and maintain their PMP certifications.

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  1. Alec,
    The OPM3 person never called me back. After doing some research, I did find the information I needed. Fast forward to today. I’m writing a book and also having an iPhone / iPod Touch application developed. I contacted PMI, via their web contact form, to get their blessings. Again, no response. I hate calling them when a simple “we’ve received your request and will get back to you” email would satisfy me. I’m off to Twitter and LinkedIn to get some support.

    Thank you for PDU post. It was an excellent read.


  2. Hi Derek,

    You might want to call PMI by phone (1-610-356-4600). If the customer service person doesn’t have an answer, it would be only right for them to give you a direct email address to the person or department that can answer your question.

    Glad you liked the PDU post!


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