Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

As a graphical depiction of a more detailed perspective of responsibilities, the responsibility assignment matrix should reflect assigned responsibility by functional role for key project deliverables.  An example of roles detailed below could include (1) Project Manager, (2) Project Sponsor, (3) Implementation Manager, (N) Team Lead

Project DeliverablesRole 1Role 2Role 3Role N
WBS – Project CharterEACI
WBS – Project ScheduleEA,CAI
WBS – Project BudgetEA,CEI
WBS – Status ReportsCCAE
E = responsible for execution (may be shared)
A = final approval for authority
C = must be consulted
I = must be informed

I use this matrix in a few of my project artifacts, to include the Lessons Learned.
You can download a free copy here

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