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10 Helpful Steps to Submit PMI PDUs

I’m in the process of helping a group in the PMO make their submissions for PMI Professional Development Units (PDUs).  All PMPs need 60 PDUs during a CCR cycle so don’t put it off until the last minute.  In this case, they all participated in a workshop.  If you want to collect PDUs, you’re going to need some kind of evidence.  It might be a program agenda, copies of a publication, transcript, certificate, registration form… do I need to go on?  This is actually for you in the event PMI audits you.  In this case, participating in a workshop, the evidence is not required to actually complete the PDU request online.

Know your PMI ID #, Cert #, and Last Name on file with PMI.

Step 1: Log into the PMI homepage.
A Membership Status box will appear in the left navigation menu with the following data:
Member Since:

A Certification Status box will also appear in the left navigation menu with the following data:
PMP No.:
Renewal Date

Within that Certification Status box, at the bottom, is a link titled “View PDUs”

Step 2: Select the “View PDUs” link
Step 3:
Enter your ID#, Cert#, and first four letters of your last name
Step 4:
Select the “PMI PDU Self Report Form” radio button
Step 5:
Select the “Login” button to continue
Step 6:
Select the Activity you wish to claim  (“2e” for participating in a workshop)
Step 7: Complete the entire form (know the knowledge area and process group)
Step 8:
Select the “I Agree” checkbox and the “Continue” button
Step 9:
Review for accuracy
Step 10: Select the “Submit” button

Go back and review your Online Transcript in a few days to verify your submission was successful
Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3

At Step 4,  select “PMI Transcript” radio button
Step 5: Select the “Login” button to continue to your Online Transcript

See, it’s not as hard as you thought!

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