Free Total Project Status Report Template

Free Total Project Status Report Template

TPS ReportAs I study the collection and reporting of metrics and project statuses, I find many reports just do not deliver what they should. I believe there should be a stand-alone deliverable that a project manager is able to provide to a stakeholder at any time, illustrating the total project status.  I created a report and used the name “TPS Report” from the movie Office Space.  I try to interject a little humor into a project, where I can, without raising too many eyebrows.  Because I do not think I should keep all of the good stuff for myself, I hope others will download my free template.  It captures everything from overall project status to schedule, budget, scope, and quality, including a RAG (Red, Amber or Green) status.  What milestones were planned and accomplished?  What is planned for the next period?  Though I believe a subjective narrative does have its place in project reporting, I like the more objective approach.  Give your stakeholders the facts!
Please enjoy this free copy of  my Total Project Status Report Template.

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  1. Hi Derek, thanks for your RAG template. I have a question. In my line of job, the stakeholders would like to know improvement of the current status in a symbol form. For example. if the project status is Red which I used a red circle. How can I use another symbol to display if there is any improvement in the Red status?

    1. Mike, I understand the need to keep this as visually simple as possible. I see your Service Level Agreements as drivers of the RAG. That said, there should be objective data behind the color status, illustrating the deviation of the ideal (green) state or the current reporting period.

      I have two solutions to propose.

      Solution 1: First, I would list the integer range for each colored status. That lets the reader know just how close you are to the other statuses Next, list the integer value next to or within the colored area. Because the last period is listed next the the current period, the reader can see the actual deviation from the last reporting period.

      Solution 2: The current reporting period needs something that illustrates change, relative to the last reporting period. Just add a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol within the colored area. As you progress, you’ll see pluses and minuses that should align with other trending data.

      Thank you for your question!
      I think I’ll have to blog about this one.

        1. I’m glad I could help! I just spoke in Vancouver on the topic and loved it. Expect more blog posts on Visual Control Systems and an upcoming white paper on Organizational (Visual) Control Systems.

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