Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service

This post is relatively short and sweet.  Today I got my first Verizon Wireless bill.  It had an initiation fee of $35.00 on it.  Seriously?  I realize we all need to make a buck but this was ridiculous.  When setting up my account, I didn’t even talk to anyone.  I did everything online.

I called Verizon Wireless, since they don’t have a Twitter account. (that’s right, I asked them)  I realize the agent on the other side had to have a script she had to follow.  I couldn’t be too demanding.  I was quick and too the point.

Hi, I’m a new Verizon Wireless customer.  I got my first bill and there is a $35 charge for initiating the phone.  I don’t recall reading anything about this fee and I think it’s excessive.  What can you do to make me feel better about this situation?

The agent paused for a few seconds.  She apologized and said I should have seen something mentioning the charge on the last screen before I purchased my plan.  Regardless, she appreciated the fact that I am a new Verizon Wireless customer and offered me one month free voice service. ($39.99)

That’s all it took.  I’m a happy customer and I wanted to tell others.  Just remember, when providing good customer service, a little empathy goes a long way.

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  1. I definitely agree as even I had a good customer care experience. Not once, not twice, but thrice. I switched from AT&T to Verizon. The first good experience was in store, 2nd was a technical help and 3rd was related to billing where I was charged extra for the “temporary” line which was activated while I was porting. All the reps were helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and they resolved my problem – including credit adjustment for the charges. Sure, not everyone has a positive view or had good experience – but next time you reach the customer service: Start with a smile in your voice and see how things shape up!
    BTW – Verizon wireless (support) does have presence on twitter, may be not that active: @VZWSupport.

    1. Sameer, I think companies have to think strategically (versus tactically) when they offer customer service. Sometime, as a customer, I’m wrong. But, if I don’t feel I’ve been treated fairly, I’m going to say something. I’m usually not a squeaky wheel. I expect to pay reasonable fees for reasonable service. If anything, they can get good press about their customer service by just empowering service reps to make things right.


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