PMI Agile Project Professional Survey

PMI Agile Project Professional Survey

The Project Management Institute (PMI) finally made the public announcement that they intend to have an Agile Project Professional “APP” certification.

Surprisingly, I have heard very little negative feedback. My questions? Do you think this new certification will be good or bad for either the Agile Community or the Traditional Project Management Community?

I created a survey form in Google Docs. After you enter your choices, you will have a chance to see what others selected. I thank you so very much for participating!


Thank you for your interest. This survey is now closed.  Here are the results.

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2 Replies to “PMI Agile Project Professional Survey”

  1. I was surprised to see PMI support Agile certification. I myself have not done Agile, I’ve attended seminars and read about it, so I’m by no means an expert. PMI supports project management in all industries. Though, I believe a majority of PMI members are IT related Questions, is Agile only for IT folks? If yes, doesn’t this fracture the PMI membership? Isn’t Agile just another “method” of project management, so what makes it special to have a certification from PMI? In your survey I voted as a “Waiting to See” as I don’t know enough to be negative about it, though I am cautious.

    1. I found out about the certification back in October, at the PMI North American Conference in Washington DC. Until that time, I didn’t realize how committed they (PMI) was to Agile adoption.

      To answer your questions, no, Agile is not just for IT folks. Yes, Agile was originally for software development. But, I can certainly see the benefits by leveraging values and principles from the Agile Manifesto, in non-IT projects. No, this will not fracture the PMI membership. I see it as admitting there was an elephant in the room for several years.

      Without contradicting the PMBOK, think of it more as there is a traditional way of doing project management and then an “Agile approach”. The “Agile” practice is more focused on value driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, adaptive planning, and continuous improvement.

      I would recommend checking out Dennis Stevens or Mike Cottmeyer’s blogs

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