8076 Less PMI Members

8076 Less PMI Members

I cracked open my April edition of PMI Today to review the monthly statistics.  I was impressed to see PMI added 9,750 new members in February.  Upon adding the numbers to my spreadsheets, February was suddenly in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Though PMI added 9,750 new members, they also lost 8,076 members.  That’s in one month!  I realized the net gain was only 1,674 PMI members, in comparison to 3,127 PMPs.  If your project had retention rates like this, don’t you think someone would try to do something about it?  Shouldn’t the PMI see this low retention rate as being an issue that should be addressed?

PMI February Numbers


PMI February Numbers Others


February 2011 Totals:
Active PMPs: 420,602
PMI Members: 341,906
CAPM: 13,678
PMI-RMP: 677
PgMP: 530
PMI-SP: 426


Source: PMI Today

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  1. I wonder how much the unemployment rates are affecting the numbers. I’m not a rah-rah supported of PMI by any stretch… just wondering if people are losing their jobs and not re-upping their memberships?

    1. You make a very valid point. I would hope PMI gets feedback from people and addresses the issue. I know other groups offer a “hardship” discount. If the membership really does provide value to these people, they could leverage a discount. Since we don’t need to be a member of PMI to maintain a PMP, what is the unique value proposition?
      I keep mine just to gain access to the Agile CoP.

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