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GLSEC Retrospective

GLSECI’m back from a quick trip to Michigan.  The Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference was taking place and my talk had been accepted.  My talk was titled Breaking the Law of Bureaucracy (I’ll upload my deck in a few days) and the topic was Servant-Leadership.  Though I really enjoyed giving my talk, the best part of my visit was all of the people I interacted with.  I finally met Casey DuBois, a guy I’ve known via email and phone for over a decade.  We used to do business together (long distance) and this meetup was a long time coming.  Next, I met several people from Atomic Object and drank a bunch of their coffee.  Later, I met the organizers, sponsors, and other speakers who made the conference happen.  And to think that was just Friday.

Saturday went by way too fast.  Everything ran very smoothly. I gave my talk, we played Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, and I even had an opportunity to meet Ben Lichtenwalner from ModernServantLeader.com. If I could have done anything more, it would have been attend more of the sessions.  The speakers and content were top notch.

It was really exciting to talk to a few local startups from the Grand Rapids area and to hear about a local incubator called Momentum. It made me realize the importance of local incubators and helping startups succeed.  These startups have solid ideas!  I’d write about them now but I want to have standalone posts for them.

So, I’m going to keep this short.

Thank you to Grand Rapids for a truly awesome experience.  A very special thank you to Mr. Casey DuBois for his amazing hospitality.

About Derek Huether

I'm Vice President of Enterprise Engagements at LeadingAgile. I'm super focused on results. But I also take the hand waving out of organizational transformations. I come from a traditional PM background but I don't give points for stuff done behind the scenes. The only thing that counts is what you get done and delivered. Author of Zombie Project Management (available on Amazon)

4 Responses to “GLSEC Retrospective”

  1. April 18, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    I wonder what SOLID startup ideas you might be talking about but not endorsing…. Hmmm…

    • Anonymous
      April 18, 2011 at 11:34 pm

      I would certainly endorse a startup publicly but I would want to talk to the founders first, in the event they’re operating in a semi-stealth mode. Are they looking for funding, exposure, or feedback? Who’s to know for certain? But, I’ll certainly reach out to them and get some info. hmmmmmm.

  2. April 19, 2011 at 3:35 am

    It was great to meet you Derek. I’m glad you had a good time in our fair city and I hope you’ll come back soon 🙂

    • Anonymous
      April 20, 2011 at 11:43 pm

      It was great to meet so many awesome people. Looking forward to following everyone online until I visit again.

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