PMI-ACP Numbers

PMI-ACP Numbers

As we get closer to the announcement of how many people passed the v1.0 version of the PMI-ACP exam, I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the process.  Regardless of how you did, you’re an early adopter and should be commended on your efforts.  You helped make the exam better for others.

Last week while we were in Miami, the baton has been passed from the steering committee to the new ACP Support team.  As co-lead of the team, I look forward to future learners taking the v1.1 on Janauary 31 and v1.2 at the end of 2nd quarter.

I’ll post other information about the PMI-ACP Support team at a later date.

Data Source: PMI Agile CoP Strategic Planning meeting


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize the difference between Applications opened and tests taken was so big. I’m very proud to be part of the 557 who have taken the test. I look forward to the final test results and look forward to welcoming many new applicants as the certification grows in 2012.

    Through strong support of agile project managers this certification will mean something.

    1. Joel, opening the application is easy. All you need to do is click the button. But, I appreciate the curiosity people exhibited. They have a year to follow through. Following through is much harder. Congrats on being part of the 557!

      Like any exam, I don’t think a pass or fail grade is a true measure of skill. You can’t grade someone on their mindset and passion.

      I do look forward to seeing this certification evolve. It’s nice to be there so early on in its development.

      1. Derek,

        Truer words. Especially with agile, the certification is just a part of the overall journey. I blogged on the value I saw, when it was first announced, and for me the biggest value is the growing common lexicon and understanding that having so many on the same path will create.

        The true success of the ACP will be in what those who believe in it, do with it. The value of the ACP is in the people.

        Thanks again,

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