Post-It Note T-Shirt Contest

Post-It Note T-Shirt Contest

The Idea

It seems like every time I deal with a customer, I have a backpack of painters tape, Sharpies, and Post-It notes.  When I was recently working with Pictofigo on the new Agile Process poster, I had an idea of a new product with original Pictofigo artwork.  I thought, why not have a contest where everyone could benefit from crowd-sourced ideas?

Just answer the simple question:

If you could WEAR a Post-It note, what would it say?

Post-It Note T-Shirt 1

The Post-It note will be on the left pocket and will be roughly 4×4 inches in size.  What would you want to appear on the post-it note?  Make it count! Size is very limited.

Post-It Note T-Shirt 2

The Post-It note will be on the center chest and will be roughly 10×10 inches in size.  What would you want to appear on the post-it note?  I really like this one.  Would you write the Agile Manifesto?  Would you want a team rule like “No cooking fish in the microwave”?  Would you just have a giant light bulb?  You tell us! Tell the world!

Contest Rules

  1. Please list your ideas in the comments section.  You may enter as many times as you wish.
  2. Please add a link to the contest in a post on your favorite social networking site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…)
  3. Two winners will be chosen at the end of the month (March 2012).
  4. Each winner will receive a free t-shirt (their choice of size) with their winning submission.
  5. By submitting your ideas, you give us free license to reproduce it on a Post-It Note T-Shirt.

That’s it!

Good Luck!

If you want to just buy an “Lightbulb” idea T-Shirt, I have them at CafePress.


12 Replies to “Post-It Note T-Shirt Contest”

  1. We Put The “Um” In Scrum.

    Kanbanista – Iterators Of The World Unite!

    Zombies Don’t Improve. Don’t Be a Zombie.

  2. “You still have to think.”

    Wish I could take credit for this profound thought but it’s not mine. And I can’t remember whose it is…maybe Alan Shalloway’s? If I win I promise to hunt down the originator and give the prize to whoever it is!

    1. That one actually made me laugh out loud.  Better than “I look busy because I didn’t do it right the first time”.

  3. “Ask a simpler question”
    (I’m all about powerful questions, LOL)

    Btw… I wonder, if you used SuperStickies(TM), might you be able to lose that thumbtack? ;->

    1. Awesome!  It is ironic that I have a thumbtack, isn’t it?  Seeing Post-It notes fall off a team board is like watching pine needles fall of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree.  It’s just sad.  That’s what painter’s tape is for!

  4. It’s a pity the contest’s done. I would have soooo loved to have taken part. I have a thing for post-it notes. We go back a long way 🙂 You won’t be doing another contest of this kind again in the future, will you? Pretty pleeeease!

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