Zombie Manifesto

Zombie Manifesto

Who would have thought that a year after publishing Zombie Project Management that I would be asked to brief a Federal Agency (which is not to be named at this time) on the topic.  As part of my briefing, I will be including the Zombie Manifesto. Nobody has said I have lost my sense of humor.  Then again, nobody has told me I have ever had a sense of humor.  I look forward to writing a blog post next week after the briefing.  “Briefing” makes me talking for over an hour sound so official!

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2 Replies to “Zombie Manifesto”

  1. I gladly sign the manifesto. I also appropriately moan and grunt as I contemplate eating more brains. That is, after all, what zombies do—is it not?

    Ty Kiisel, uhhhhh, grrrrr

    1. This Manifesto is part of my briefing to the CIA on Tuesday.  In the briefing, I acknowledge you (Ty Kiisel) and Raechel Logan from the Talking Work Podcast, Elizabeth Harrin, and George Romero.  They asked me to name names.

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