Demonstrating Leadership

Demonstrating Leadership

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, we’re already feeling its impact.  You can’t find batteries, milk, toilet paper, or bread anywhere. The only thing I went out looking for yesterday was coffee.  Strangely enough, I didn’t have to fight anyone for it. It was interesting to watch people and see how they handled the stress of the situation.

What I find even more interesting is how leaders are handling all of this.  By title alone, they should lead, right?  I see this as an opportunity for us to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.  Some leaders are doing just what they should. They are leading.  They are establishing states of emergency, they are closing schools, and shutting down public transportation.  Others are just waiting to see what others are going to do.  Though I am a strong proponent of waiting to make a decision until the last responsible moment, it feels like that moment has passed.  Has your leader stepped up?

I’m curious how this weather event is going to impact local elections.  I’m not referring to people not having electricity.  Hopefully, we’ll all be on the mends by next week. No, I think Hurricane Sandy is bringing attention to where there is leadership and where there is a lack of it.

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  1. Funny how I was thinking about the same thing, except I was also looking at paths estimates so I can show how the farther away you are the less accurate your planning, but as you get closer the picture becomes clearer and you then need to take action.

    1. I love to use the cone of uncertainty to illustrate that point (accuracy of planning or estimating). But, went it come to leadership, sometimes you just need to have convictions and put your ass out on the line. When leading, I expect people to agree and disagree with decisions. That’s ok. There will always be people who will challenge the decision of a leader. But in the end, I believe a true leader does not lead through consensus or by looking to his or her neighbor to see what they are doing.

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