3 things you need to increase productivity

What I Believe If you want to increase productivity, I believe you need 3 key things. In a previous post,  I wrote you needed ritual and motivation.  After some reflection, I decided to update that.  First, create a system to ensure you are always getting stuff done, regardless if you’re motivated (though it helps). Second, create Read more about 3 things you need to increase productivity[…]

Work in Process – WIP

What is ‘Work In Process – WIP’ Work in process, also known as WIP, refers to activities that have entered the completion process but are not yet outcomes. Work in progress (WIP) refers to all materials and partly finished products that are at various stages of the production process. WIP excludes inventory of time or materials at the start Read more about Work in Process – WIP[…]

Lean Business Report Presented by LeanKit

You’ve heard of the State of Agile survey? Welcome to the Lean Business Report Survey! I would describe myself as a whole lot of things, including a Lean Practitioner.  I was forwarded this survey and thought I would give it a go.  It only took me about 10 minutes and it felt great that I Read more about Lean Business Report Presented by LeanKit[…]