PMI and Kanban

How are you? My name is [author] and I’m a writer for PM Network magazine, the official publication of PMI. I’m doing a piece about e-kanban systems and their role in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Would you be interested in doing a quick interview? So begins my hope of spreading the positive impacts of Kanban in a PMI Read more about PMI and Kanban[…]

Zombie Tug of War

Zombie Tug of War

This week I’m in an all-out tug of war with the zombies.  Just short of getting hostile with the lot, I figured writing a blog post would be more cathartic.  I’m going to rant about enterprise tools and how I see them fit into the world of business.  I’ve been asked many times what products I Read more about Zombie Tug of War[…]

My Merge of GTD and Kanban

I’m not going sit here an boast of being some kind of expert on Kanban or guru of personal productivity.  I’m just a Project Manager/Leader who is always keeping his eyes and ears open for newer or better ways to manage time or work.  I believe you should always try to eliminate non-value-added processes, resulting Read more about My Merge of GTD and Kanban[…]

Kanban for Lean Project Management

For those out there using Kanban for Lean Project Management, let me sing the praises of Zen.  Zen is a tool that applies the ideas of the Toyota Production System (commonly known as “lean” principles) to project management. Whether you already practice lean in your organization, you want to set up a lean process, or Read more about Kanban for Lean Project Management[…]

My Personal Kanban Story

A little over a month ago, Agile Zen started following me on Twitter.  They are creators of a very clean web-based kanban solution.  Around the same time, I connected with Jim Benson.  Jim is a collaborative management consultant.  He is the CEO of Modus Cooperandi, a consultancy which combines Lean, Agile Management and Social Media Read more about My Personal Kanban Story[…]