How to Help PMI Chapters & Members

After speaking with a few PMI Chapters, I see them (at least the ones I spoke to) suffering from one major issue.  How to they grow their membership? Membership Because PMI has created an ecosystem where people pay serious money to prepare for certification exams and then continue to pay good money for Professional Development Read more about How to Help PMI Chapters & Members[…]

ALN Arin Sime and User Stories

A quick thank you to Arin Sime and the local Agile Leadership Network chapter for an excellent workshop.  Tonight, Arin Sime of AgilityFeat facilitated a workshop on User Story splitting.  What I felt was compelling was not the discussion about the best size of a user story, what INVEST was, or even the best way to write a user story. Read more about ALN Arin Sime and User Stories[…]

Standish Group Study

Waste In Software Projects

This evening I attending the monthly Agile Leadership Network event. I noticed a very familiar slide on Waste In Software Projects. It looks familiar because I have it in my training deck as well! Yes, my Introduction to Agile class has a slide that credits the Standish Group Study reported at XP2002 by Jim Johnson, Read more about Waste In Software Projects[…]


Niko-Niko Calendar

While I was at the recent Agile Leadership Network (ALN) event earlier this month, Dave Nicolette presented a talk on metrics.  I’ll admit, I’m fascinated by metrics.  I remember working on the NIH Executive Dashboard and then the NCI Dashboard between 2004 and 2007 .  But since then, I’ve grown to look at metrics differently.  Though I’ve Read more about Niko-Niko Calendar[…]

Welcome to our ool

P in your Network

I’ve recently been paying more attention to signs and indicators. Though Stop signs or Yield signs are a given, I’m talking signs that you find around homes (Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no “P” in it. Let’s keep it that way) and businesses (Drink coffee. Do stupid things faster with energy). Last night, I Read more about P in your Network[…]