Backlog Refinement Meeting

Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement

What is it? The purpose of backlog refinement (grooming) is to make improvements to the product backlog.  Though there is no official ceremony detailed in the Scrum Guide, the activity of refining the Backlog is. Who does it? Backlog Refinement is a collaborative effort involving: (Optional) facilitator – (like a ScrumMaster) keeps the session moving toward Read more about Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement[…]

A Lack of a Shared Understanding

Earlier this week, I facilitated a backlog refinement meeting.  In the past, the team was used to all of the requirements being completed (in advance) by the analysts. The delivery team would then execute on those requirements. The problem, of course, was no shared understanding. We came into the meeting with everyone agreeing they were Read more about A Lack of a Shared Understanding[…]

Velocity Chart

New Scrum Team Challenges

A while ago, I published a post titled: Simple Cheat Sheet to Sprint Planning Meeting.  Though I understand every team is different, I thought it would be helpful to those who are new to agile processes.  People are always looking for cheat sheets, templates, and stuff like that.  What is the harm of giving them what they want? Read more about New Scrum Team Challenges[…]

Current State of the ACP Community Guide

PMI Eating its Own Dogfood

I am happy to report that the PMI-ACP Community Guide project is off and running.  Each day, I see new content being added.  I wonder if this is how Jimmy Wales felt in the early days of  Wikipedia.  Our first measure of success is to get the content of each page of The Guide as Read more about PMI Eating its Own Dogfood[…]

Free Sprint Planning Guide and Agenda

As part of an Agile assessment, I sat in on a sprint planning meeting.  Though many out there are having sprint planning meetings at the beginning of every sprint, are they getting the most out of the time and effort?  As part of the services to my client, I will be providing a free cheat Read more about Free Sprint Planning Guide and Agenda[…]