How my Zombie PM Book Survived

It’s been over a year since I published my book, Zombie Project Management, to the Amazon Kindle store. It was fun writing it and discovering the process of publishing a book.  So, you can image my surprise when Amazon sent me an email a few days ago. During a review of your catalog, we found Read more about How my Zombie PM Book Survived[…]

Zombie Project Management Volume 1

My Zombie PM Book on Amazon

When I realized that I could publish my thoughts on a blog, I found it very cathartic.  Writing a book posed its own set challenges.  When I was halfway done with the book, I saw the forest through the trees.  This idiom personified what I was trying to communicate about project management.  I found that Read more about My Zombie PM Book on Amazon[…]

The Forest Through the Trees

I’m coming down to the wire on the first installment of my Zombie Project Management book.  I look at my Kanban and all of the activities are one-by-one making it into the Done column.  It’s actually quite exciting! I think back to reading several of Seth Godin’s books and him writing “Pick a budget. Pick a ship Read more about The Forest Through the Trees[…]

Scrum Pocket Guide

Free Copy of Scrum Pocket Guide

I recently read a pre-published copy of the Scrum Pocket Guide: A Quick Start Guide To Practical Agile Software Development by Peter Saddington of AgileScout.  Prior to reading it, I was told any level of ScrumMaster or Project Lead could utilize it to refine and develop their facilitation and Agile knowledge.  I confirmed that statement to be true. Read more about Free Copy of Scrum Pocket Guide[…]