My Next Speaking Gig

I just got back Thursday night from my appearance at the AtTask Work Managment Summit 2011 (WorkOut2011).  I had an amazing time. I had an opportunity to be on a panel and be part of one of the Keynotes (YouTube videos are coming).  But, the post about the AtTask conference is still to come.  Until Read more about My Next Speaking Gig[…]

2011 Resolution Kanban

2011 Resolutions WIP

Last night I submitted my speaking proposal for the Great Lakes Software Excellence 2011 conference.  The title of my talk is Breaking the Law of Bureaucracy. A little back-story:  One of my “Epic” stories (Resolutions) for 2011 was: As an agile proponent, I want to articulate the values, principles, and methods of the agile community to the traditional project Read more about 2011 Resolutions WIP[…]

Practical Wisdom of Agile

What is practical wisdom? Have the moral will to make right by people. Have the moral skill to figure out what doing right means. Aristotle distinguished between two intellectual virtues (1): [1] The ability to think well about the nature of the world, to discern why the world is the way it is; it involves Read more about Practical Wisdom of Agile[…]

The Larger Goal

One of the things I find really interesting, when working within different organizations, is how everyone feels they are the true center of the universe.  If they are in Security, they see things one way.  If they are in Program Control, they see it another.  Regardless of the silo, plug in the functional area name Read more about The Larger Goal[…]

The Iron Law of Bureaucracy versus ICAgile

I was listening to This Week in Tech #264  and one of the guests was Jerry Pournelle. Though it’s not necessary to go into the details of the NetCast, Jerry said something that had me scrambling for the rewind button.  He referred to his Iron Law of Bureaucracy. (Jerry) Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy states Read more about The Iron Law of Bureaucracy versus ICAgile[…]