CSM & PMI Agile Certification Eligibility

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Though PMI has published information about what is required to be eligible to take the upcoming PMI Agile Certification exam, I’m getting quite a few emails from people asking about the upcoming exam.  One of the most intriguing was from a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) asking if (his or her) CSM training could be applied toward the required 21 PDUs.

The question: Do Scrum Alliance® Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) courses qualify for the training eligibility requirement?

The answer: Yes, Scrum Alliance® courses qualify for the training eligibility requirements. Only hours in Agile training will meet the certification eligibility requirements. One hour of training equals one contact hour of education eligibility.



PMI Agile Exam Tools and Techniques

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PMI Agile Tools and Techniques

50 percent of the PMI Agile certification exam will be comprised of questions about tools and techniques.  The PMI Agile Certification team grouped the tools and techniques it 10 areas.

The toolkits below are ranked in the order of their relative importance within the tools and techniques section of the exam.

1 Communications
2 Planning, monitoring, and adapting
3 Agile Estimation
4 Agile analysis and design
5 Product quality
6 Soft skills negotiation
7 Value-based prioritization
8 Risk management
9 Metrics
10 Value stream analysis


Want an example of what you will find within the Communications area? Some tools and techniques included but are not limited to information radiators, team space, agile tooling, osmotic communications for collocated and/or distributed teams, and daily stand-ups.
PMI Agile Tools and Techniques

Remember, 50% of the exam will be dedicated to Tools and Techniques and 50% will be dedicated to Knowledge and Skills.

HT: PMI Agile Certification Examination Content Outline

8076 Less PMI Members

PMI February Numbers

I cracked open my April edition of PMI Today to review the monthly statistics.  I was impressed to see PMI added 9,750 new members in February.  Upon adding the numbers to my spreadsheets, February was suddenly in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Though PMI added 9,750 new members, they also lost 8,076 members.  That’s in one month!  I realized the net gain was only 1,674 PMI members, in comparison to 3,127 PMPs.  If your project had retention rates like this, don’t you think someone would try to do something about it?  Shouldn’t the PMI see this low retention rate as being an issue that should be addressed?

PMI February Numbers


PMI February Numbers Others


February 2011 Totals:
Active PMPs: 420,602
PMI Members: 341,906
CAPM: 13,678
PMI-RMP: 677
PgMP: 530
PMI-SP: 426


Source: PMI Today

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PMI Stats for Jan 2011


The January 2011 Project Management Institute (PMI) statistics are in.  The PMI now has over 417,475 active Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and 340,232 members. So, what’s new?

We have a new certification announcement! In the event you were living in a cave for the last week, PMI announced the introduction of the Agile Project Professional (APP) certification.

PMI Certifications other than PMP

With the announcement of the APP, I empathize with those people out there with PMI certifications other than PMPs.  I feel like they’ve kind of been left in the lurch.  If you sum all of the “non-PMP” certifications for the month of January, there were only 246 recieved.

I added the APP to the chart, merely as a placeholder.  But, I do not doubt that it’s going to be PMI’s new shining star, as soon as they make it available.

January 2011 Totals:
Active PMPs: 417,475
PMI Members: 340,232
CAPM: 13,464
PMI-RMP: 622
PgMP: 521
PMI-SP: 418

PMPs and PMI member counts for January 2011

Source: PMI Today

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PMI Agile Project Professional Survey


The Project Management Institute (PMI) finally made the public announcement that they intend to have an Agile Project Professional “APP” certification.

Surprisingly, I have heard very little negative feedback. My questions? Do you think this new certification will be good or bad for either the Agile Community or the Traditional Project Management Community?

I created a survey form in Google Docs. After you enter your choices, you will have a chance to see what others selected. I thank you so very much for participating!


Thank you for your interest. This survey is now closed.  Here are the results.

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End Of The World As We Know It

Agile Project Professional

Agile Project ProfessionalAfter the public announcement last night, that PMI intends to create an agile project management certification,  I heard REM playing in the back of my head.  It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.  Though I will admit I was a bit nervous when I learned PMI was going to do an Agile certification, back in October (2010), I made my peace with it.  I came into the picture toward the tail end of the PMI Agile Project Professional (APP) process.  As Mike Cottmeyer stated on his blog,

We’ve had a ton of really smart people involved, people you’d know and respect in the agile community.

Those people worked really heard and I applaud them for their efforts.  As an independent reviewer of the competencies, techniques/tools, knowledge and skills, I can personally assure members of the Agile community that PMI is not trying to rewrite Agile as they know it.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty damn good version 1.0!

For those who were not at the PMI North American Congress back in October (2010), there was strong representation by the Agile Community of Practice and a lot of curiosity, and might I add ignorance, by the average Congress attendee.  I didn’t find it surprising, considering there is a complete omission of the word “Agile” in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) version 4.0.

It is my hope that this new certification will provide that baseline understanding of Agile for many.  I do believe this is a step in the right direction.

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