Judging an Agile Book

I’m in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to speak at the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference.  If you ever imagined what an “Agile” company looked like, I think I am looking at it right now.  I’m blogging today from Atomic Object.  The exterior of the 100 year-old building is very unassuming.  Upon entering the building, I’m greeted Read more about Judging an Agile Book[…]

Agile is in the PMBOK so it must be true

Yesterday, I was having coffee with Jesse Fewell and we discussed, among other topics, how the PMP® or Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) credentials legitimize many in the eyes of stakeholders. This is a sore spot for many, particularly for me.  Experience and project leadership trumps a certification any day of the week.  But, for those of Read more about Agile is in the PMBOK so it must be true[…]

Why You Should Use Common PM Language

I don’t normally drink coffee from Starbucks but someone gave me a gift card.  I like black coffee, with no cream or sugar.  I like my coffee fresh so I order a small size.  So, why on Earth did the person behind the counter not listen to me? I ordered a small Caffè Americano. For Read more about Why You Should Use Common PM Language[…]