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Scrum Pocket Guide

PDF Version of the book (iPod and my hand not included)

I recently read a pre-published copy of the Scrum Pocket Guide: A Quick Start Guide To Practical Agile Software Development by Peter Saddington of AgileScout.  Prior to reading it, I was told any level of ScrumMaster or Project Lead could utilize it to refine and develop their facilitation and Agile knowledge.  I confirmed that statement to be true.  It was a very easy read, full of great information.

To add to that, upon seeing the published copy, I would say the final copy is even better.

I noticed Peter is running a contest, giving away 3 free copies of his book.  Well, I would like to increase your chances of winning a free copy.

I will also give away one free PDF copy of his book.  Not sure you even want a free copy? Well, just download the Introduction to the book and example chapter on High Performance Teams [here].  I think you will want a copy.

Don’t want to wait?  You can also purchase a copy for $17 at  Just to let you know, I am not being paid by Peter for writing this post or having this contest.

So, how do you enter my giveaway?  I’ll give you two ways of entering.  You only need to do one.

  1. Click the TWEET button above so I can see it on Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment to this post.

What’s important is I have a way to [1] know you entered and [2] have a way to contact you if you won.

I will pick (at random) the winner in 2 weeks (02/11/2011).  Why two weeks?  That ensures the post stays on my blog homepage for the duration of the contest.

I added a link to the book in the right navigation of my site. If you purchased a copy after clicking that link, I do get paid.  Otherwise, I am not being compensated by this blog post or any links within it.

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How to Thank a Managed Camel


How to Manage a CamelMy post today is an easy one.  I was informed I am the winner of the very first Freedom of Speech February (FOSF) giveaway from How to Manage a Camel.  My comments last week on a blog post by Gary Holmes earned me a free copy of the Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM™) Professional from their partners at Method123.

All I did was pass praise in my comments on a Holmes post regarding common courtesy and the little things candidates should do beyond merely sending in a CV.

Reading his post inspired me to write a post of my own, THE most important thing is the customer.  I sometimes get a little worked up over the need (not the want) for common courtesy or being polite.  What else is free to you but can carry so much value to others?

So, thank you to the team over at Arras People and How to Manage a Camel.  You provide wonderful insights on your blog and I enjoy reading it while having my first cup of coffee every morning.

My advise to people out there is to get involved in the conversation.  Your thoughts and opinions are important and they should be heard (or read). I didn’t post a comment because I thought I could win a contest.  I did it because I thought Gary wrote a great piece and he should be recognized for it.

If there is one thing you do today, recognize someone for the work they do.  You never know how you may be rewarded for that selfless act.

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