The Goldilocks & the 3 bears of project management

No, I’m not blond nor am I talking about bears.  I’m trying to get people to understand there has to be balance in project management.  Once again, one of my son’s bedtime stories makes a pretty good analogy. As I’m reviewing all of the contract deliverables due from the vendor this month, I ask myself Read more about The Goldilocks & the 3 bears of project management[…]

The Critical Path Week in Review

This week I really wanted to turn up the volume of things I wrote about.  I have a lot to say (and write) about project management and if you missed reading my blog on a given day and don’t have an RSS feed or follow me on Twitter, you’d have to go searching in the Read more about The Critical Path Week in Review[…]

Using Common Sense With Documentation

Though I really love good documentation, going heavy on it does not guarantee a successful project.  At my last engagement a product manager asked why she had to go back and complete a business case, a feasibility study, and a charter when her team was already several months into development of  the current release.  She Read more about Using Common Sense With Documentation[…]