User Story

Defining The Qualified User Story

Regardless of the client I work with, the teams seem to initially struggle with understanding how big (or small) a User Story is, relative to Epics, Features, and Tasks.  It doesn’t help when they first ask how big user stories are and my first response is “it depends“. It’s not uncommon to find team members Read more about Defining The Qualified User Story[…]

Epics, User Stories and Tasks

I was working with a client this last week and I overheard one team member trying to explain the difference between Epics, User Stories, and Tasks.  He finally offered an analogy. The Analogy Epics are to User Stories are to Tasks as Rocks are to Pebbles are to Sand. I thought it was a clever description of Read more about Epics, User Stories and Tasks[…]

zombie procurement

Zombie Procurement Strategy

The last few weeks I have been advising a Federal Procurement team as they refine a Procurement Statement of Work (SOW).  Unfortunately, I see the existing version as being very heavy and I want the final product to be much more lean.  A perfect example is the current program has 29 documents that are contractually required to Read more about Zombie Procurement Strategy[…]

2011 Resolution Kanban

2011 Resolutions WIP

Last night I submitted my speaking proposal for the Great Lakes Software Excellence 2011 conference.  The title of my talk is Breaking the Law of Bureaucracy. A little back-story:  One of my “Epic” stories (Resolutions) for 2011 was: As an agile proponent, I want to articulate the values, principles, and methods of the agile community to the traditional project Read more about 2011 Resolutions WIP[…]