Will Agile for food

Will Agile for Food

By close of business yesterday, we lost 10 people. No, we didn’t lose 10 resources. We lost people.  They came to work every day, doing their jobs, thinking they provided some kind of value to the organization.  Unfortunately, some saw the costs outweighing the benefits.  The positions have been eliminated.  I get it.  Business is business.  Times Read more about Will Agile for Food[…]

How We Can Make Agile Work

I just read a really good post at PM Hut titled Agile Myths Debunked.  Sanjeev Singh listed 12 reasons people say Agile won’t work on their projects and how they are misinformed.  His list included: Indiscipline, lack of planning, no documentation, no QA involvement, not for fixed bid projects… and the list goes on. From Read more about How We Can Make Agile Work[…]