Plan to Fail

We live at a lake property so we’re pretty far in the sticks.  We have an HOA, which contracts work for snow removal and stuff like that.  Last year we had several snow storms in the Washington DC area.  The HOA was not prepared for several snow storms in succession and we found ourselves stranded Read more about Plan to Fail[…]

Deployment Start

Conflict in Value Perception

This weekend I witnessed a true conflict in value perception.  We’re not talking values like: – We treat others with respect – We are humble Rather, it’s about what the Customer (Product Owner), the Vendor (Core Team), and the I (Facilitator) believe has value.  I see direct value, like actual delivery of product, and indirect value, like Read more about Conflict in Value Perception[…]


Feedback is Good Against Zombies

I know people who basically show up at the office and get feedback from their superior once in a great while.  When they do get feedback, it’s usually negative because they are not doing what the boss wants.  People, you can’t expect your team to operate in a vacuum.  Don’t let an annual review be Read more about Feedback is Good Against Zombies[…]

Tool Of The Week: Tweet Effect

Because I feel it is important to help others, I figured I’d start doing something new.  It’s not a new idea in the grand scheme of the Internet, but it is something new for me.  I’m going to attempt to promote tools, people, or businesses on a weekly basis.  I’m not being compensated accept for Read more about Tool Of The Week: Tweet Effect[…]

Meeting PMP Eligibility Requirements

When I was completing my PMP application, back in 2006, I recall reading the eligibility requirements and asking myself where I had the greatest gaps in my project management experience.  PMI did a good job of listing the process groups and activity “buckets” in which I could associate my time.  To visualize my strengths and Read more about Meeting PMP Eligibility Requirements[…]