2 of 100 Items Missing From the PMBoK

Variance At Completion (VAC) is the difference between what the project was originally expected (baselined) to cost, versus what it is now expected to cost. Every month, our vendor is required to report this total on the project as a whole and on key deliverables.  I’m used to seeing the numbers reported and how to Read more about 2 of 100 Items Missing From the PMBoK[…]

Calculating Variance of Activity the PMP way

When I was studying for the PMP exam, a few years ago, I remember memorizing a group of formulas.  One of those was the “Variance of Activity.”  At this point, don’t remember if it was even referenced in the exam.  There were no direct questions asking “what is the formula for…”  On my exam, I Read more about Calculating Variance of Activity the PMP way[…]

Formulas To Remember For The PMP Exam

I think back to when I sat for the PMP exam and remember taking the first few minutes to quickly write down the following formulas.  It was my cheat sheet.  There was enough to think about for the next few hours and worrying if I could remember some key formulas was not one of them.  Read more about Formulas To Remember For The PMP Exam[…]

Calculating Initial Velocity On Day Zero

While reviewing proposal documentation yesterday, I noticed the contractor’s predicted velocity rate was pretty high.  Being they are not experienced in using Agile and they haven’t even started the project, I was curious how they were able to calculate such a high velocity rate for the first iteration.  I know how many developers they intend Read more about Calculating Initial Velocity On Day Zero[…]

Communications Channels

I was at a vendor site yesterday, discussing how they were going to satisfy our needs on four upcoming projects.  There were four people in the meeting:  the technical lead from the vendor, the product manager from our organization, a director from our organization, and myself.  Since I am the project manager, I had to Read more about Communications Channels[…]