My GLSEC Talk on Slideshare

After my talk at GLSEC, I wanted to make my slide deck available for viewing by the general public.  I noted to the people attending that my presentation was going to be a little heavy on text, so the people reading it later could actually understand what I was talking about. The best talks I’ve seen have Read more about My GLSEC Talk on Slideshare[…]

GLSEC Retrospective

I’m back from a quick trip to Michigan.  The Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference was taking place and my talk had been accepted.  My talk was titled Breaking the Law of Bureaucracy (I’ll upload my deck in a few days) and the topic was Servant-Leadership.  Though I really enjoyed giving my talk, the best part of Read more about GLSEC Retrospective[…]

Judging an Agile Book

I’m in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to speak at the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference.  If you ever imagined what an “Agile” company looked like, I think I am looking at it right now.  I’m blogging today from Atomic Object.  The exterior of the 100 year-old building is very unassuming.  Upon entering the building, I’m greeted Read more about Judging an Agile Book[…]

My Own Agile Game

Because I will be speaking at the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (#glsec) on April 16, I will be unable to attend Agile Games 2011 (#agilegames).  Realizing my session was for 50 minutes, I wanted to include a game as part of my talk.  Seriously, can you image listening to me talk for 50 minutes Read more about My Own Agile Game[…]

Bill Lumburgh and the Bobs

Don’t be a Lumbergh

I’m plugging away on my presentation “Breaking the Law of Bureaucracy” for the upcoming Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference. Though I know I should be focusing on how to break this law, I can’t help but think of the organizational bureaucracies we all deal with.  Two types of people within our organizations come to mind, the Read more about Don’t be a Lumbergh[…]