socratic questions

Socratic Questioning

After reading the book The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu Goldratt, I found myself wanting to learn more about two things.  One, something known as the theory of constraints (TOC).  Two, the Socratic method or using Socratic questioning.  I’ll leave TOC for another post.  This time around, I’ll focus on Socratic questioning.  I started asking Read more about Socratic Questioning[…]

How Do You Know Your Metrics Are Worth It

So you want to create some metrics.  More importantly, someone has told you that you need to create some metrics.  How do you know if you’re just making work for yourself or if you’re just putting a spin on the same old data? Ask yourself what the goals of your project are. In trying to Read more about How Do You Know Your Metrics Are Worth It[…]