Protective Collaboration

I was recently asked my opinion about collaboration within an organization.  Being I just completed an organizational assessment for a client, I have a fresh perspective of the topic. I was specifically asked: “Is it healthy for Scrum teams to work in a bubble protected from the business around them? Should collaboration go beyond the team?” Read more about Protective Collaboration[…]

The Larger Goal

One of the things I find really interesting, when working within different organizations, is how everyone feels they are the true center of the universe.  If they are in Security, they see things one way.  If they are in Program Control, they see it another.  Regardless of the silo, plug in the functional area name Read more about The Larger Goal[…]


Why Ask Why

Before you spend the next week, redesigning the TPS report, you need to stop and ask yourself a simple question. Why? Why are you doing it?   If you can not map the task back to a stakeholder or customer objective/requirement (goal) you better stop now.  Some people call this gold-plating.  Additionally if you can not Read more about Why Ask Why[…]

User Stories

Using Stories on my Personal Kanban

A colleague on Twitter asked how do I break down my stories, acceptance criteria etc?  As a reference point, “stories” refer to my use of User Stories on a task board or Kanban.  It’s a method of representing requirements or scope.  In upcoming posts, I’ll also write about acceptance criteria, size, blocks… Let’s say you Read more about Using Stories on my Personal Kanban[…]

Ask Derek – Required Experience to take the PMP

I’m always looking for ways to help others in their quests to be better project managers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about getting the PMP® certification, getting PDUs, or even finding good tools to make a given task easier.  I field questions from both emails and Twitter.  Today I read an email that was not Read more about Ask Derek – Required Experience to take the PMP[…]