Agile Shopping List

I was over at the AgileScout website and found a humorous post. The title was Agile Products for Sale – What’s Worth Buying. Eric Laramée from Agile Partnership made a comment and got me thinking.  Why aren’t more retailers jumping on the bandwagon to offer “Agile” products? What got us started was a listing on Amazon for Read more about Agile Shopping List[…]


Why Ask Why

Before you spend the next week, redesigning the TPS report, you need to stop and ask yourself a simple question. Why? Why are you doing it?   If you can not map the task back to a stakeholder or customer objective/requirement (goal) you better stop now.  Some people call this gold-plating.  Additionally if you can not Read more about Why Ask Why[…]

The Funnel Effect and My Kanban

GuyKawasaki tweeted about a really cool infographic on Alltop titled Why freeways come to a stop. I checked it out and what most interested me was the graphic The funnel effect (I circled it in red). The funnel effect is a really good analogy of why you should limit your work in progress, like I Read more about The Funnel Effect and My Kanban[…]