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Agile Project Leader Job

Some Just Don’t Get It I’ve seen way too many job postings in the last year, asking for Agile Project Managers.  These postings are basically Project Manager positions with some Agile language thrown into the mix.  It’s actually quite frustrating to read them.  I just shake my head and know that they just don’t get Read more about Agile Project Leader Job[…]

Getting on the Agile Coach List

Almost two months ago, I left my gig advising a Federal PMO to join LitheSpeed. LitheSpeed offers premium Scrum and Agile consulting, coaching, and training services. So, what do you do when you win work? Well, you put the word out that you’re looking for qualified people! So, are you an Agile coach who would Read more about Getting on the Agile Coach List[…]

Will Agile for food

Will Agile for Food

By close of business yesterday, we lost 10 people. No, we didn’t lose 10 resources. We lost people.  They came to work every day, doing their jobs, thinking they provided some kind of value to the organization.  Unfortunately, some saw the costs outweighing the benefits.  The positions have been eliminated.  I get it.  Business is business.  Times Read more about Will Agile for Food[…]

Pillar Technology is Hiring

Pillar Technology is ramping up several large projects in Columbus, OH and Detroit, MI. They are in need of a bunch of people and have opportunities at many different experience levels. They are looking to hire immediately and will entertain people who want to work 1099, W2 hourly, or become full time employees. Pillar’s strength Read more about Pillar Technology is Hiring[…]