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Almost two months ago, I left my gig advising a Federal PMO to join LitheSpeed. LitheSpeed offers premium Scrum and Agile consulting, coaching, and training services. So, what do you do when you win work? Well, you put the word out that you’re looking for qualified people! So, are you an Agile coach who would like to be considered for our current and future engagements? Complete the form and you’ll be on the list.

Don’t see the Google form? Try this link

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I Got a Feeling

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I was sitting at my desk when this song by the Black Eyed Peas called “I got a feeling” came on Pandora.  My son rushed over yelling to turn it up. I attribute turning up the volume to the resulting earworm that has lasted the last few days.  There could be worse things in the world.  Each time I hear it, I think of the flash mob that danced in Chicago for Oprah.  It amazes me how so many (strangers) came together to create something that brings a smile to my face every time I see the video.

As I was preparing for day zero for LitheSpeed (I don’t officially start until tomorrow), I found myself singing the song and thinking about “the feeling”.   After taking a week off, I was able to break the cycle that had me feeling a bit numb for so long.  Just a few weeks ago, I felt like I was trying to keep control of an uncontrollable situation.  That can become exhausting.  But today I felt completely different.  This morning I felt excited about what I was about to do.  I felt an entrepreneurial drive I haven’t felt for a long time.  It’s that feeling when you play offense not defense.

Tomorrow is day one.  I have my Kanban loaded.  I have my WIP limited.  I got a feelin’ tomorrow is gonna be a good day.  Let’s do it.

New Chapter


Just yesterday I was complaining about my first day as a technical advisor for a contract source selection committee.  What can I say?  The PMO asked me to do it and it’s important that it gets done correctly.  But being asked to sit in a room for the next 6 weeks, with no access to Internet or phone was going to be very painful.  I understand that I can’t be connected 100% of the time.  I understand there needs to be balance and I can’t tweet what is going on in my life 24×7.  But using modern forms of communications makes me feel informed and connected.  If I have a question about something, I feel I can reach out to half a dozen people in a moments notice to get an answer.

So, as I began my second day with the committee, I just sat there for about 10 minutes and stared at the binder sitting on the table in front of me.  How the hell was I going to survive this?

Well, I have an answer.  I got an offer to go work with someone else.  Long story short, I was offered a position with LitheSpeed and I accepted.  LitheSpeed offers premium Agile software development training, team coaching & management consulting services. They blend Agile methods like Scrum and XP with Lean process expertise to speed value delivery and drive enterprise evolution.

I’m very excited about my future with them.

I’ve been working with a federal PMO managing a multi-year, multi-phased, multi-million dollar program for a few years now.  I don’t think anyone in the PMO knew what Agile was before I arrived.  Rest assured, I’m not turning my back on my project management roots.  I’m still very much a supporter of PMI and the PMP.  But even PMI couldn’t ignore Agile forever.  It’s time for me to help others to speed value delivery and drive enterprise evolution.  It’s time for me to turn the page and start a new chapter.

Drawing by Pictofigo

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AgileLIVE Webinar Series

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Not seeing the productivity gains you expected?  Are you and your stakeholders losing confidence in your team’s ability to deliver?  Are you sure you are measuring the right things?

VersionOne and their Moving Agile into the Mainstream webinar series provides proven techniques to help you and your team with the tough issues facing agile managers, scrum masters and product owners.  Fifty-minute sessions feature case studies from teams that have succeeded in using agile methods to efficiently create better software.

Today, I saw “The Hybid PMO” by Sanjiv Augustine and Roland Cuellar of LitheSpeed

Even when agile methods succeed unequivocally at the team level, middle-management still faces two major, continuing challenges: managing a hybrid portfolio of agile and non-agile teams, and reporting progress upwards to the executive boardroom. How can PMOs bridge the gap between executive management weaned on plan-driven methods and predictability, and teams operating with agility in the face of uncertainty? How can they create a consistent reporting framework applicable to both agile and non-agile teams and communicate all-around progress effectively?

Sanjiv and Roland shared principles and techniques for the Hybrid PMO, and discussed some of the crucial management steps in establishing such a group, based upon their decade of experience in helping firms adopt agile at enterprise scale.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn from leading Agile pundits or just looking to get a few PMI PDUs.  This webinar was very enjoyable.  VersionOne will be uploading the webinar in a day or tow for those who were unable to join the live presentation.  All of this was FREE!

So, head on over to VersionOne and check out the other webinars from the series, from the likes of Dr. Alistair Cockburn, Bryan Stallings and Valerie Morris –  SolutionsIQ, and Michael Spayd – Collective Edge Consulting

The awesome Image and some of the content for this post courtesy of VersionOne