Motivate Your Team


You should be looking for ways to motivate your team every single day. You could bring them donuts or bagels. You could give out monthly awards or public recognition. You could also give them a pep talk.  All it takes is one minute of encouragement to change their day for the better.  So, here is your pep talk for today.  Take 55 seconds, watch the video, and I challenge you not to have an awesome day.  This kids could be the next Tony Robbins!    

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Carrots and Sticks

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After watching Dan Pink do his TED talk, I read his book Drive.  I felt inspired.  I am often left feeling inspired after finishing a book.  After recently consuming Drive for the umpteeth time, I made a sketch.  I then told Pictofigo about it.  The result is a poster.  I hope this gives you a good laugh.

Watch the TED Talk.  Read the book.  Try to understand the surprising truth about what motivates us.

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