Brain eating Zombie PMs

There are 3 things that spark my attention faster than anything. 1. Coffee 2. Zombies 3. {…} Damn ADD robbed me of my thought! But I digress. This morning, I read a blog post by Elizabeth Harrin titled Zombie Project Management. It reminded me of a series I read by Geoff Crane titled 9 Destructive Read more about Brain eating Zombie PMs[…]

The Hateful Cycle of Apathy Hits a Nerve

Have you ever stuck your neck out and get no support?  Did the trust among that team start to break down? I’ve seen it happen first hand and Geoff Crane wrote an awesome post over at Papercut Edge about it.  He called it the too-common cycle of apathy. The post hit a nerve with me. Read more about The Hateful Cycle of Apathy Hits a Nerve[…]