Process Groups

Process Groups Poster

After we published our first Scrum Posters, I was asked if we were going to create Non-Scrum Posters.  The answer is YES! Today we completed our (first) one-of-a-kind Pictofigo Project Management poster.  The Project Management Process Groups poster is now available to purchase from Cafepress. There are links below and a new link in the header of this Read more about Process Groups Poster[…]

Free Process Group and Knowledge Area Study Material

5-9-42 This is the number combination I want you to remember. 5 Process Groups 9 Knowledge Areas 42 Processes A colleague of mine just passed his PMP® exam.  What was one of his regrets?  He should have memorized page 43 of the PMBoK.  Why?  Page 43 is an excellent road-map.  Go to any process on Read more about Free Process Group and Knowledge Area Study Material[…]

Great Video on a Secret of Passing the PMP Exam

If you’re studying for your PMP®, I think you must watch this video.  This guy, Jeff Minder (PMP) of Victory Vets, gets it. As a disclaimer, I am in no way profiting or promoting his service.  I just think he did an awesome job with this video.  While I’ve been working on HueCubed, I’ve realized Read more about Great Video on a Secret of Passing the PMP Exam[…]

Meeting PMP Eligibility Requirements

When I was completing my PMP application, back in 2006, I recall reading the eligibility requirements and asking myself where I had the greatest gaps in my project management experience.  PMI did a good job of listing the process groups and activity “buckets” in which I could associate my time.  To visualize my strengths and Read more about Meeting PMP Eligibility Requirements[…]