Backlog Refinement Meeting

Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement

What is it? The purpose of backlog refinement (grooming) is to make improvements to the product backlog.  Though there is no official ceremony detailed in the Scrum Guide, the activity of refining the Backlog is. Who does it? Backlog Refinement is a collaborative effort involving: (Optional) facilitator – (like a ScrumMaster) keeps the session moving toward Read more about Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement[…]

Free Sprint Planning Guide and Agenda

As part of an Agile assessment, I sat in on a sprint planning meeting.  Though many out there are having sprint planning meetings at the beginning of every sprint, are they getting the most out of the time and effort?  As part of the services to my client, I will be providing a free cheat Read more about Free Sprint Planning Guide and Agenda[…]

The Critical Path Week Ending February 28

Due to working crazy off hours in preparation for my v1.0 launch, I not only forgot to do a week in review on the 20th, I also missed meeting my writing commitment on the 24th and 25th.  Whatever the excuses, I was feeling a little burned out.  I have to remember this is a marathon Read more about The Critical Path Week Ending February 28[…]

How Do You Know Your Metrics Are Worth It

So you want to create some metrics.  More importantly, someone has told you that you need to create some metrics.  How do you know if you’re just making work for yourself or if you’re just putting a spin on the same old data? Ask yourself what the goals of your project are. In trying to Read more about How Do You Know Your Metrics Are Worth It[…]

Understanding Agile Scrum and common terms

I’ve been in a few meetings this last week where people were mentioning Scrum terms but didn’t know what they were. It’s not their fault. The person introducing the terms into the project vocabulary should have provided an explanation before referencing them. For those of you new to Agile Scrum, here are a few basics: Read more about Understanding Agile Scrum and common terms[…]