Pictofigo Promotion

I’ve been working with Pictofigo for a few months now.  I give them ideas for drawings I think others would find helpful.  In turn, I get access to some pretty cool (and original) stuff.  It’s quid pro quo at its best. There are currently over 900 drawings available for free on the Standard Pictofigo site.  In addition Read more about Pictofigo Promotion[…]

One of My Resolutions

When PM Bistro asked if I would write a blog post for them, I was happy to oblige.  You can read the original post here.  For a little background, I was asked to write about a particular work-related goal I have for 2011.  I actually have several (goal) resolutions for 2011.  I keep them on my Read more about One of My Resolutions[…]

Domain specialty is good in project management

If you’re a general project manager, and you’re looking for work, you’re probably not finding as much available work or noticing people are not willing to pay you as much as they used to.  With an increased amount of people choosing project management as their profession, you need to find a way to stand apart Read more about Domain specialty is good in project management[…]

Listen to your Customer on her Birthday

In celebration of my wife’s birthday, I figured I would make her a homemade birthday cake.  I haven’t done that since before we got married 5+ years ago.  This time, however, I actually asked her what she wanted.  That’s right.  The first birthday cake that I made for her, I didn’t even ask what she Read more about Listen to your Customer on her Birthday[…]

Green Eggs and Ham are…

Last night I read Green Eggs and Ham to my Son.  Because nothing is sacred in my world of blogging and project management, I drew a parallel between Sam and myself. If you don’t know the story, Sam offers Green Eggs and Ham to an unnamed character.  This character adamantly states he does not like Read more about Green Eggs and Ham are…[…]