A Strategy for Code Reviews

I was coaching an organization the other day where they are trying to increase code quality. They believe they can accomplish this by increasing the frequency of code reviews. Currently, their solution is to get everyone into a room on a weekly basis, with junior developers demonstrating what they did and senior developers offering constructive Read more about A Strategy for Code Reviews[…]

Technical Debt

Technical debt and design debt are synonymous  metaphors referring to the eventual consequences of sloppy software architecture and rushed software development. Code debt refers to technical debt within a codebase. Ward Cunningham first drew the comparison between technical complexity and debt in a 1992 experience report: Shipping first time code is like going into debt. A little debt speeds Read more about Technical Debt[…]

Expert Judgment and Passing the Sniff Test

Looking for two very informative posts on estimating?  Check out one by Josh Nankivel of pmStudent and Glen Alleman of Herding Cats.  Both are discussing estimating techniques that work for them. I wanted to take a moment to add my two cents. Though I certainly believe estimating should be more science than art, I look Read more about Expert Judgment and Passing the Sniff Test[…]

Listen to your Customer on her Birthday

In celebration of my wife’s birthday, I figured I would make her a homemade birthday cake.  I haven’t done that since before we got married 5+ years ago.  This time, however, I actually asked her what she wanted.  That’s right.  The first birthday cake that I made for her, I didn’t even ask what she Read more about Listen to your Customer on her Birthday[…]

Process Improvement and Grilling Steak

What’s a weekend without grilling steak?  I would say a weekend without a good blog post idea.  Some things in life are an art and some a science.  It doesn’t matter if it’s project management/leadership or grilling a steak. So, what is a geeky way to write about grilling the perfect steak?  I would say Read more about Process Improvement and Grilling Steak[…]