Helping people looking for jobs

For those of you who were interested in the BA position that I posted 3 days ago, we've filled the position. I was recently asked what service I thought was the most beneficial for finding jobs.  Though I don't think any one service is perfect, a combination can get you qualified job leads in pretty short order.  When I was looking for a job, Careerbuilder referred a lot of people looking to hire anyone with a pulse.  I was sent solicitations ranging from selling insurance to stuffing envelopes.  Maybe they have the lowest prices for "employer" accounts?  I'd offer a pretty good rating to  I discovered reposting my resume on Monster every Sunday night resulted in a wave of qualified leads.  Another service that I found useful was The Ladders.  Ladders only lists jobs paying $100k or more.  Sure, it costs you money but it really helped weed out jobs I wasn't interested in.  To the contrary, I was really disappointed by jobs posted directly on corporate websites.  It was as though the HR departments or companies were saying they would like to hire people for positions but they didn't have any plan in place to actually interview and hire in a timely manner.

Hang in there people.  The jobs are out there.  You just need to know the right place to look.