Using Agile does not mean a lack of defined process

Agile Scrum processSometimes I'm not surprised to hear one of our current contractor say they are now using Agile.  This is their explanation for ad-hoc builds, lack of documentation, and lack of predictable process.  It can be frustrating to hear of development groups using it as a scapegoat.  Waterfall has been the decided process for our main program I'm working and it makes sense.  The requirements have been clearly identified, for several years.  The budget and schedule have been fixed, for several years. I'm not saying we can't use Agile in different areas of the program.  But, most important the current contract is not structured to support it. The contractor does not seem to understand the difference between cowboy coding and Agile.  Agile teams, do follow defined and often very disciplined and rigorous processes.  What is lacking, by this contractor, is any example of a defined process.

Agile certainly can work well if utilized by people who know what it is.  I've signed the Agile Manifesto. I know what Agile is.  Don't use a lowecase "agile" and think you're getting away with it.