Verifying PMPs are actually PMPs

A few years back, when the PMP exam changed, I was really curious which PMPs out there took the new exam versus the old one. It has been my understanding, back in the day you could memorize areas of the PMBOK and pass the exam.  Since the exam changed and became scenario based and started asking "which answer is the most correct" I wonder if some of the PMPs out there could pass the new exam.  I understand it is unfair to insinuate PMPs who sat for the exam before a certain date aren't good project managers.  I prefer to recognize the certification as a benchmark.  Project managers with the PMP credential should use the same terminology and should understand what I'm talking about when I speak of input or outputs of specific process groups. One of the first things I do, if asked to review a resume, is I verify when the applicant passed their PMP exam. Want to ensure the next applicant really is a PMP if they say they are?  Go to the PMI Registry.