Twitter and a Challenge to Communicate

Twitter Twitter allows us to share the time and prevents us from trying to explain how to build the clock.

This morning, Dave Garrett, CEO of and I were attempting to communicate via Twitter on the topic of PMI and Agile Scrum.

We were both finding it difficult to compress everything we wanted to say into 140 character posts.  I highly doubt Twitter is going to replace the telephone or email as a central method of communications.  It is, however, a great tool to capture the timeline and get your thoughts out quickly to like-minded people.  Regardless of the constraints, it's always good to read Dave's viewpoint or see what he'll post next.  If you want to find an excellent Project Management resource, I recommend you check out and join  If you want to see the world from Dave's perspective, minute by minute, I recommend you follow him on Twitter.

140 characters aside, we were able to get our points across to one another.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)