The Critical Path Turns 1 Year Old

iPhone CalendarWow, where did the time go?  A little over a year ago, I found the need to start blogging.  Little did I know how energized I would become.  Other then learn as much as I can about my craft, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with other project managers or those who wish to become project managers.  Since logging onto Twitter a little over a month ago, I have discovered a whole new world of people to exchange ideas with.  What will happen in the next year? 1.  Launch at least one project management centric iPhone application

2. Author an article pertaining to project management and have it published in a refereed journal (e.g. Project Management Journal or Crosstalk)

3. Publish a Project Management centric book and offer it on

4. Monetize the things I enjoy doing

(Calendar image by Apple)