Mike Cottmeyer talks about scaling Scrum

On our current project, we have over 100 people across 14 Scrum teams.  The challenge?  How do you communicate between Scrum teams?  Well, that all depends. What are the dependencies between the teams? Though I could write a 1000+ word post about this, I figured I would just link to a short but informative video.  In it, you'll see Mike Cottmeyer talk about scaling Scrum and how you might have different types of scrum-of-scrums (the way you would communicate between Scrum teams).  Mike is a Product Consultant and Agile Evangelist at VersionOne.  You can read more from Mike on his blog, Leading Agile, or on the VersionOne blog, Agile Chronicles. I'm hoping if all goes well, we'll be bringing Mike to Washington DC to offer a few days of training.  I'm sure this will be one of the many important topics to cover.