My Big Fat Greek Project

Today my wife looked at me and said, "ya know, you're like that guy on My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We talk about something, anything, and you tell me how it relates to Project Management."  You know what?  She's right!  We talk about snow removal...Agile. We talk about getting through the honey-do list...Kanban.  I asked her what I should write this post about.  She said, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The person she was referring to was Gus Portokalos. He  said, "Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek." Oh Gus, you wise man.  Recently, I decided I was going to write a lot more.  That leaves me with a bit of a challenge.  I don't want to produce garbage just for the sake of publishing something.  I see people like James Rich, a blogger I follow, push a volume of product but his quality hasn't gone down.  As a result, I find myself not only internalizing project management but also verbalizing it at every turn.

Yes, I absolutely believe if you give me a topic, any topic, and I will show you how that topic relates to project management.  So, if by chance you read my blog one day this next week and I'm ranting about how a particular restaurant could offer better service if they employed Agile Methods instead of following a Waterfall Process, you'll be forewarned.

Remember, there are two kinds of people - Project Managers, and everyone else who wish they were Project Managers.