January PMP Numbers Up Over 6000 In One Month

Every month I get a copy of PMI Today and I annotate 3 data points: New PMPs for the month, New PMPs YTD, and Total PMPs.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see PMI is certifying a volume of PMPs with no end it sight.  In January, there were 3,714 new PMPs.  Since they've only reported January (2010) numbers, YTD totals match.  What is the shocker is the total number of PMPs.  We're looking at 367,619, up from 361,238 in December.  That's right, numbers are up overall 6,381 in one month. I did a quick compare to January of last year.  The overall total of PMPs is up by 45,369 in 12 months.  Average that out and you're looking at 3,780 a month.

Some of you out there with other credentials curse the PMP®.  I have to admit, some of the worst project managers I have EVER met, were PMPs.  I guess the same could be said for any profession.  Certifications don't guarantee quality, but like it or not, a lot of people drank the Kool-Aid.  If you want to exceed in project management, many of you find yourself going after one certification or another.

I do think there is merit in the PMP certification, though I would feel more comfortable if I thought PMI wasn't in it for the money.  That's kind of hypocritical of me, since I do make money in the support of the PMP certification.  My prediction of 2010 is PMI will hit 400,000 PMPs by June and close to 450,000 by year end.

Though not all of these current 367,619 PMPs are currently PMI membership holders, if they were (at $119 each) you'd be looking at $43,746,661 in annual membership fees.

Isn't math fun!?