Give the Gift of Communications

I'm really disappointed that, for the second week in a row, a key communications meeting was canceled.  Though I review the slide deck hours before the meeting, I look forward to the interaction with everyone.  I'm sure some across the table from me don't agree.  Some may be relieved they don't need to look me in the eye and answer questions from me or my colleagues.  Unfortunately, regardless if it temporarily relieves their anxiety, it just complicates matters in the long run.  You can't get all of the information you need from a PowerPoint slide deck.  You need to read body language and engage with people.  In an age of PowerPoint slide decks, conference calls, and Go-To-Meetings, there is still a need to interact with people one-on-one. Do you want a better relationship with a customer, vendor, or colleague?  Then talk to them!  Get your butt out of that chair, walk down the hall, drive across town, and engage them.  Though you may actually have a need to talk to them about a given subject, take a moment and try to interact with them on some topic other than business.  We're all human.  Reach out and communicate!

My analogy is like bringing your wife (or loved-one) flowers (or some other gift).  Don't bring do it because of a birthday, an anniversary, or some other holiday.  They expect that.  Bring the gift because it's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or because you thought of something that reminded you of them.  Now, realize that gift is communication.

image by lrargerich