New Look for Real Time Reputation Scores for #PMOT

The only constant in the universe is change.  That couldn't be more true then on the The Plan Is website.  They created an interface that displays real time reputation scores for Project Managers on Twitter. The new interface displays not only the rank, name and score of the account trending the highest over at Twitter, but also which way they are trending.

Yes, #FollowFriday is an excellent way to discover people Tweeting about like topics.  But, this list is dedicated to Project Managers on Twitter.  Want a reputation score tracker for your own site?  They are offering that as well.  What I find so compelling is this list is impartial and dynamic.  If I'm not engaging with people, I fall off the list.  Considering this thing tracks by the hour and by the day, it provides a good feedback loop.

Just a note, the graphic above was captured an hour before this post was written.  The list below was just taken from the The Plan Is site.  By the time you read this, both will be out of date.

Rank Name Score Last hour Last day
1. crgpm 6890 -210 in the last hour 780 in the last day
2. derekhuether 5365 No change in the last hour 960 in the last day
3. pmstudent 5000 -200 in the last hour 1600 in the last day
4. purpleprojects 4835 175 in the last hour -215 in the last day
5. projectrecovery 3720 395 in the last hour 670 in the last day
6. sara_broca 3385 -210 in the last hour 790 in the last day
7. ppmcommunity 3220 420 in the last hour 3115 in the last day
8. unlikebefore 3205 50 in the last hour 225 in the last day
9. kareemshaker 3100 100 in the last hour 425 in the last day
10. thegreenpm 2995 No change in the last hour -2785 in the last day

Check out The Plan Is website and then follow them on Twitter @ThePlanIs

Let's see show them some Twitter love.