Wise, Intelligent, and Agnostic Project Management

When it comes to branding PMs, there is always going to be a title du jour.  I see project management as one of those skills that builds with time. I don't care if you are a PMP, CSM, CSSBB, or [insert certification title here].  I don't believe you can just read about a process or approach, pass a test, and then suddenly be an expert.  Perhaps that is the difference between an intelligent PM and a wise PM.  The intelligent PM reads about a project management process and it become holy doctrine.  They hide behind a process blindly and operate projects on mere faith.  The wise PM reads and learns, interacts and learns, screws up and learns.  They base their decisions on human interaction, what they've studied, and past experiences.  It's not perfect or predictable, but neither is life. I used to believe, if a dynamic enough process algorithm was created, you could manage any project based on it.  I just don't believe that anymore.

I'm not saying a Project Management Professional, Scrum Master, or Six Sigma Black Belt certification doesn't have value.  They absolutely do if you study and practice and not just pass a test.  Studying each will increase your project management intellect.

I would describe myself as a practicing agnostic PM.  It's not perfect.  But, if I take a little I've learned from each process and have a little faith (in the people I work with), I think it will provide my best chance for success.  But don't forget that it's still just a chance.

graphic courtesy of the bbp of Flickr