February PMP Certification Numbers Are In

Every month I get a copy of PMI Today and I annotate 3 data points: New PMP® for the month, new PMPs year-to-date (YTD), and total number of active PMPs.  The trend continues, with the new number of PMPs down by just 1 to 3,713.  Since we only have January to include, YTD total is 7,429.  There are a total of 371,014 active PMPs. I did a quick compare to Febrary of last year.  The overall total of PMPs is up by 43,764 in 12 months.  Average that out and you’re looking at 3,647 a month.

I still predict PMI will hit 400,000 active PMP credential holders this year.  But, I'm not as bullish on them reaching 450,000 by year end.

Any questions?  Let me know.

December (2009) January February
New PMPs (Monthly) 5,403 3,714 3,713
New PMPs (YTD) 3,714 7,429
Total Active PMPs 361,238 367,619 371,014